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"Let the Healing Begin"
By Apostle Steve Anderson

                                         HERALD: AN OFFICIAL MESSENGER SENT BY A 
                                                                          COMMANDER OF AN ARMY!
                                                                                              "Let the Healing Begin"
(Gods Calls us to Unity)
  In October of this last year 2005 as I was preparing for a short mission trip to Zambia in Africa, the Lord began to speak some things to my heart. The best way to communicate these things will be to share them in the order they happened.   I will do my best to do just that! Last September at the most recent Unity Gathering we heard a lot about Gods judgment and also a lot about God moving in new ways in His church. We see in Daniel that in a time of falling away there is also a time when "They that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits�. The righteous will shine brighter and brighter until the day of the Lords appearing in a time where the earth is in great stress (Daniel 12 & Matthew 24). One of the words we heard came from a prophet named Chris Cole from Australia. He testified of many things the Lord had shown him as well as a particular experience he had while ministering to the Lord in Ohio, U.S.A. The Lord showed him that there were three ruling principalities over Ohio and what they could do to see those powers disarmed! I remember their names were religion, jezebel & witchcraft (common principalities in most areas). One of the instructions they were given (I only remember some of them) was that after a period of fasting and prayer on a certain day they were to have communion with the land in Ohio. As they had communion with the land the hold these principalities had on Ohio were broken and immediate results were seen. We know that religion, jezebel and witchcraft spirits all come against the prophets. Many people began to call and say they definitely knew something broke in the spirit realm and they all called around the time of this communion they had with the land. As the blinders were lifted off the area, one person called to testify concerning his Pastor (that didn�t even believe in prophets in our time) who had suddenly proclaimed in their church that they needed to hear from the prophets! It�s neat how things work when we listen to God and don't step out presumptuously in these matters. God has been dealing with me in the area of unity for some time now. I began to have a strong sense that God wanted to show me something about the territory of Washington State (my current home state). I began to realize that this was something that I could not receive under the spiritual influences of this area. I soon knew that when I went to Zambia the Lord was going to show me something about home I would not otherwise see. A couple of days before I left the country the Lord spoke to my spirit that He wanted to use me to break the curse over Africa. This curse is found in Psalms 55:23b "bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days�. The average life span of a male in Zambia is 32 years. That's less than half of the allotted days of 70 years in Psalms 90:10. Then as I left the U.S. the Lord began to speak in more detail. He said if the churches in Zambia would come together in unity, the Lord would break the curse off their land and then use Zambia to break it off their continent. God began to speak to me in detail about this curse being broken! He showed me in the Word that we as individuals are not responsible for the sins of our parents (Jeremiah 31: 29-30). Then he showed me in several scriptures how God sees blood shed. Certain kinds of sins are bloodshed or equated as bloodshed. These kinds of sins curse the land and the very ground where we live. Some Biblical Examples: Abel�s blood cried from the ground. Leviticus 20 lists several sins that equate to bloodshed. Psalms 106:38 shows how bloodshed pollutes the land. Malachi 4 shows rebellion can invoke the ground to be cursed. We see in scripture that David, because he had shed much blood that he was not allowed to build Gods house! In Revelations 16: 3-7 many generations after the blood of the prophets was shed God still required an account of every drop of it!  Real life modern examples: Bloodshed from slavery in our country, Bloodshed caused by greed, Bloodshed between races of people in our land, Corruption in leadership, both in church and in government, are likened to sins of bloodshed, Violent division between Christians and more. These curses on a land and bloodshed not accounted for are the reason there is only marginal success on taking our cities and land for God. Its why only some get healed instead of all! Deuteronomy 7:11-15 promises corporate healing and health if we hearken to the Lords will. (See also 2 Chronicles 7:14.) These same verses show us that it is a corporate breakthrough that inherits the healing of the land. Remember, If my people! I could write for weeks of the unbiblical divisions we accept as ok before God. If we are going to really see a territorial breakthrough we must first see a corporate accounting to God for our land. You see, God does not hold you responsible for the sins of your fathers, but he holds the church accountable for the sins and the healing of the land. If we are serious about revival, then it's time we get serious about corporate repentance and corporate unity. So I gave this message as I was instructed to a large gathering of churches in Zambia. Then I also gave them an example. I asked their nation for forgiveness for the sins of slavery. I wept as I told how some of my own family were responsible for taking people from their homes as slaves and shedding blood in their land to get them! These people graciously accepted my apology. They also obtained fresh vision to unite and to seek God for repentance for the sins of their land. God bore witness to His Word as He always does. Only 3 weeks after this meeting took place I have received reports as follows: All the churches that were present have experienced a 20 to 30% increase in attendance. These were noted as all new converts to Christ! There have been several miraculous healings that took place! The land was in drought when we arrived, and since this word was delivered it has rained extensively! What blessing! However it wasn't until I returned home that God began to show me the significance of this message! I was in a start up meeting for the National and Global day of prayer in Everett Washington. The meeting was miraculous from the start! There were several testimonies about last years events. There were several gatherings that began to practice the principles of unity at a corporate level! The Lord then spoke to me about the vision He has given Brother Tim Taylor called " CONECTUS. Part of the vision is to restore 24 hour prayer, praise and worship in every city and county in our state. To facilitate his vision we need to see connecters raised up in every city and county. Someone at the meeting pointed out that there were 39 counties in Washington State, and that�s when the Holy Spirit quickening really took hold of me! Every word of revival and breakthrough I had ever heard became full of faith. The Lord told me like in Zambia that if the churches in Washington will come together He would heal our land and then use us to bring healing to our nation! There are 39 counties in our state and the Lord took 39 stripes for our healing. "By His stripes we were healed! If we will suffer the coming together of all 39 counties we will see it happen! This is what the Lord wanted to show me before I left the country, that under the local influence I could not see! God always calls the least and we are the least churched state in our country! It was also pointed out as I shared this Word that there are 13 stripes on our flag and 3 times 13 equals 39 stripes! This had significance at this particular meeting as 2 people had been given triple rainbows as signs to them about what God is doing in our land. I could even see now how God had predetermined this healing from our state before we had even become a state. He saw our fall and provided a way for healing! I believe that this is the year to " Let the Healing Begin I encourage you to take part in the healing process. There are several ways to do this. First we must pray with faith expecting that God will show us what He requires us to account for concerning our land so it can be healed. We also must find ways of coming together corporately in obedience and in honor to our Lord! We must humble ourselves to do this. If all the rebuking of principalities and powers has been effective the way we do it now, then why are things basically still the same? It�s because these kind are defeated only through a unified army of God! Come on church! Let�s lay hold of the healing. God expects us to do it! Let�s not let our pride about being right keep us apart anymore. If we were so right then why is our land currently going downhill and very few are actually being saved? Finally, if you want teaching in detail on this we will be happy to bring it with no strings attached. We simply want to see Gods Kingdom advance and bring glory to Jesus!
Hoping to see you on the front lines, 
Brother Steve Anderson
P.S. Remember the giant vegetables that came from the healed ground in Columbia, South America!
       If it worked there it can work here too!   

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This article is a combination of scriptures and teaching on praying through! It includes what I believe are good protocols that I have personally tested and have found to work well in seeking our God in prayer.
What does God's Word say to us about doctrine? How can two walk together unless they be in agreement? Does God want us to have doctrinal unity? You probably will be shocked to know the truth! You need to prayerfully read this article.
This article is an explanation of life changing revelations that recently came to our prayer group. We hope they will bless you. Please feel free to copy and share this with others!

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