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"The Breaker Anointing"
By A Prayer Group




"The Breaker Anointing"

Greetings in Jesus Name!

Here is a brief description of what the Lord showed us Friday night in prayer about the future of unity in his church and how He wants us to pray through and break through to the place of breaker anointing. The Lord took us in scripture to 1 Kings 18:42. This is where we see Elijah the prophet on the top of Mount Carmel. There had been 3 1/2 years of drought and Elijah already had Gods word that it was about to rain. Instead of sitting around waiting for the rain Elijah went to the top of the mount to pray for this rain even though God had already said it would rain. This shows us that Elijah knew that it was our responsibility to birth in the earth Gods already spoken word. Modern Christians often sit around and wait for the word to come to pass. This was not the case with Elijah because He knew Gods ways and that God uses His people to birth His will in the earth. In this passage of scripture we see Elijah cast himself down on the earth and put his face between his knees. This is a physical position of travail or birthing. He sent his servant to see if he could see anything. When his servant returned he said he could see nothing yet. Elijah told him to go up to seven times! Elijah knew the ways of the Lord and this seven times was very important to seeing the manifestation of Gods already promised rain! This is where the revelations we received Friday night started to really happen.
The lord showed us that when we worship and or pray through to his presence we feel his presence and often feel a sense of release, and this by the way is very real! But it is only the place where we feel better and so often we stop here and because of this our enemies are often still present and often we don't get a lasting breakthrough. We have only gone up like the servant once and we need to breakthrough to the Lord up to seven times! We know the number of man and the number of the devil is six. The lord witnessed powerfully to us that the reason we need to go up to seven times is that our enemies will only go six! When we learn this about the Lord, the Lord is pleased because we are truly having faith to see the answer come at a level where God is satisfied. Where as at level one we only felt better and that breakthrough was only temporary! Naaman the leper was told to dunk in the Jordan River seven times in order to be healed! Th children of Israel were told to march around Jericho seven days and the seventh day to march around Jericho seven times! There were defeating all their spiritual enemies because their spiritual foes only went six! Seven is not only the number of completion it is the number of God. We must begin to move in this well kept secret in order to see breaker anointings begin! It is a partial breakthrough when we pray through once, but it is not a breaker anointing until we go through all the way!
It is because of this revelation that as a group we began to wait on the Lord for tactical instructions as to how and what he wanted us to pray through on at this time. We simply wanted to know what He wanted to do and to birth it! Interestingly enough as we waited on the Lord He confirmed His word about seven times with a sign! He gave us seven specific words! I will do my best here to list them in order ( they did come in exact order). 1. He spoke to us about the priestly anointing. We needed first to minister to him. We need to praise and worship Him for Him only and for no other purpose than to ravish His heart! To bless Him! Instruction that followed this word: Psalms 133 says That where the brethren dwelt together in unity is where the Lord commanded the blessing even the precious anointing that ran down over Aaron even Aaron's beard! Moses was a type of apostolic ministry, ministering to the people on behalf of of God. Aaron was a type of priestly anointing that was to minister to the Lord on behalf of the people! 2. The Lord showed us that He Himself is fiercely and jealously throwing every stumbling block out His way to get to His bride! Instruction that followed this word: As Jesus did only what He saw the Father do, we want to do what we see Jesus do! So the Lord showed us to begin to fiercely and jealously throw every stumbling block out of our way in order to be with Him! 3. He then spoke to us about returning to our first love. Instruction that followed this word: we need to make the decision to be on fire for Jesus. Literally consumed with zeal for Him and His Fathers house! Fanatically and radically given over to Jesus love and Jesus purposes. 4. Then the Lord showed us that He goes out of His way to come to us when we call ! This word speaks for itself. No instruction was given. We need to simply see the Lord this way!5. Next the Lord spoke through a vision about the spiritual covering over the Pacific NW. He showed us that the lack of unity has produced a lack of covering over the territory that God has put into our care. If the church of the Pacific NW was seen as all one person we would see our mantle as being full of holes and that this is how we appear before our enemies. No more instruction was given to us yet about this word. We need to simply see the territory as it really is! 6. The Lord showed us how the religious spirit is hindering us from coming together! Instruction that followed this word: The enemy through pride and position has kept us deceived from taking care of the Lords will first. It was interesting here to note that this was the sixth message we received. Six being the number of man. It was at this stage the Lord showed us how mans interpretations were stopping us from fulfilling the Lords demand for unity and territorial success in battle. These untamed areas of our lives are direct affronts to the Holy Spirits work in and through us! 7.The last word that came to us was that the Lord wanted us to pray these things through until the Holy Spirit could pass through us untouched! Instruction that followed this word: we need to do all of the above because God wants to move through His church like He did Jesus! Jesus let the Holy Spirit pass through Him untouched! He jealously did everything in Himself to keep Himself completely out of the way of the Holy Spirit! This also was seen through a vision!
We have endeavored to pass on to you this time we shared with Jesus. Please seek the Lord and see how He wants you to respond to Him at this time in regards to these messages!

Bless you in Jesus Name!

A group of praying people.



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